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Born From a Shared Love!

Sugar Cloud Collective began as a shared dream between two friends, Erin and Tay, who bonded over their love for stationery and creativity. We met in grad school and quickly discovered a mutual passion for creating beautiful and functional tools that inspire joy and self-expression.

We spent hours crafting, designing, and dreaming of a space where we could share our love for creativity with the world. We came together to share our love for crafting, inspire others, and build a community that celebrates the power of imagination!


A World Where Creativity Thrives!

Our vision is to create a world where creativity thrives and self-expression is celebrated! We envision a community where artists are empowered, supported, and appreciated for their unique talents! We believe that everyone should have access to inspiration and tools that fuel their creative fire!


Stationery, Accessories, Gifts!

At Sugar Cloud Collective, we offer a curated selection of beautiful and unique stationery products. We specialize in:

🌟Notebooks and Planners: designed to inspire organization and creativity!
🌟Pens and Pencils: for writing with joy and flair!
🌟Stickers: to add a touch of personality to your planner or journal!
🌟Accessories: to always carry some joy and inspiration with you!
🌟Greeting Cards and Postcards: to share heartfelt messages and brighten someone's day!
🌟Mystery Boxes: filled with curated surprises for anyone who enjoys a creative and fun unboxing experience!


A Collection of Support!

Sugar Cloud Collective is more than just a brand; it's a vibrant community of artists, creators, and stationery enthusiasts from all walks of life! We connect with our community through:

🤍Social media: where we share our latest creations, offer behind-the-scenes glimpses, and post updates!
🤍Blog: where we share stories, upcoming projects, and more inspiring information!
🤍Collaborations: with other artists and brands to create unique and exciting goodies!
🤍Events: where we connect with our community in person for markets and creative gatherings!


A More Just Model!

Sugar Cloud Collective is a worker-owned cooperative. This means that we are owned and operated by the people who work here! 

As a proud member of the cooperative movement, we believe in the power of working together to build a more just and equitable world. We share resources, collaborate on projects, and support each other's growth!


We invite you to join us on our journey!

Here are a few ways you can get involved:

💙Shop our products: Discover the magic of handcrafted stationery and support our talented artists.
💙Subscribe to our blog and social media: Stay up-to-date on our latest news and events, and be inspired by our community of creators.
💙Join our community: Become part of our vibrant community of artists and creative enthusiasts.
💙Support our mission: Help us make the world a more creative and beautiful place.


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