🪴 The Secret Garden Book Club Collection 🪴

🪴 The Secret Garden Book Club Collection 🪴

✨ Embark on a Literary Journey

Welcome, neighbors and dreamers, to a place where poetry blooms and stories whisper in the wind. As we step into May, Sugar Cloud Collective is delighted to unveil our latest theme, the Secret Garden Book Club! Inspired by the enchanting world of literature, this collection invites you to wander through the pages of imagination and explore the beauty of nature and poetry!

Discover the Cloud Codex Archive

Those in Sugar Cloud with an affinity for words and prose tend to find themselves driven toward the Cloud Codex Archive -- the mysterious and overgrown forgotten library that holds the key to the “secret garden.” On the southern end of the Sugar Cloud Region, explore towering bookshelves and large stained-glass windows, all shrouded in mystery and overgrown with vibrant vines. A single window on the third floor offers a glimpse of the hidden lush garden beyond, inviting you to discover its secrets.

Step into Little Poet's Meadow

Let the legendary muse guide you through the library, and lead you to the secret garden's only entrance. A faux bookshelf in the attic opens to reveal a descending spiral staircase; a stone arch shrouded in loose vines and wisteria stands at the stairs' end. On the other side lies Little Poet's Meadow — a whimsical garden bursting with vibrant colors and hidden nooks. Every flower in the garden blooms from someone writing and reading aloud their poem, adding to the enchantment of this magical place.

The Secret Garden's Book Club

In the heart of Little Poet's Meadow, a small group of residents gathers for a poetry book club. Members meet and gather to write poetry and share it with each other. Only those who are able to find the entrance to the secret garden are able to attend, making it a special and intimate gathering of poetry lovers.

Meet the Meadow's Muse

Immerse yourself in the charm of the Meadow's Muse Beaded Wristlet Keychain, a token of inspiration crafted with elastic cord and sterling silver hardware, adorned with an array of beads including pearler beads, glass glitter beads, fish glass beads, and more! Each keychain features a small silver keyring and a charming acrylic frog face charm, rumored to inspire creativity and imagination!

Join the Poetry Celebration

Carry a piece of the Secret Garden Book Club with you, drawing inspiration and creativity whenever you need it! The Meadow's Muse Beaded Wristlet Keychain is a talisman of creativity, reminding you to embrace the magic of the everyday.

✨For the month of May, we will be including poetry prompts for inspiration with EACH order!✨

Stay Tuned for a Cosmic Carnival in June!

As the sun sets on the Secret Garden Book Club, a new adventure awaits! Stay tuned for our June theme -- where cosmic carnival vibes and rainbows will illuminate the sky in celebration of Pride month! Join us as we continue to explore the realms of imagination and creativity, one theme at a time!

How to Join the Club

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